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Child patients especially susceptible to identity theft

Data breach response plans at medical practices need to have specific arrangements for children and those without a credit history. Read story

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How physicians can ensure context in the medical record

Data alone can show only so much. A doctor’s narrative is important in picking up the nuances of a patient’s story. Read story

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Doctors should consider nurse, staff workflow when picking EHR

Everyone involved in a medical office’s documentation process should take part in system selection and implementation to ensure clear tracking of the care process. Read story

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Portals give patients a handy window to their health information

The technology empowers patients who seek more control over their health status while providing useful data for physicians at critical moments. Read story

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What residents can show attendings about online search

A study looks at the rationale behind the use of various search tools and how each has their own advantages that may be overlooked. Read story

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How a doctor perceives uncertainty guides attitude to EHR

Understanding a doctor's decision-making process can help devise strategies to get the most benefit out of an electronic health record system. Read story

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Backup plans for EHR failures need regular testing

Regardless of whether the system is local or cloud-based, physician practices should have a plan that includes off-site storage of data. Read story

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Mobile a likely key to more patient portal use

Some hospitals have been successful by launching apps that give patients access to their medical records. Physician practices might find similar interest. Read story

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