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Online access to American Medical News content.

Most American Medical News content is available for 90 days. After that time, a limited version of article content, typically the top few paragraphs, is displayed to users who are not logged in. Full archives are reserved for AMA members and AMNews paid subscribers.

What are the exceptions?  Content from the Business section is a unique offering by which AMNews provides practical "pocketbook advice" for doctors, and as such is considered an added value of AMA membership. Full text of Business section content is available only to AMA members and paid subscribers.

What is considered content?  Content is the text of any article, and any accompanying tables, charts and graphs. Pages giving information about the site or only listing content are fully public for all years.

Who can access restricted content?  AMA members, and subscribers to the print newspaper.

I am an AMA member. How do I log on to AMNews?  If you have an online account to view Members-Only content at the AMA Web site, you can use it to read AMNews. You do not have to do anything more. You will not need to log on again if you are already logged on. If you have not set up an online account as a member, you can do that

What about Federation executives and staff?  You can create an account at Federation registration.

I subscribe to the print edition. What do I need to do?  We are working on a mechanism that will allow paid subscribers to access content using a subscriber online account. In the meantime, you can obtain a temporary login from the AMA's Unified Service Center. Call 800-621-8335 and have your customer number ready.

What if I've already created an online account to read JAMA and/or one of the Archives journals?  Once the new access mechanism is in place, AMNews subscribers with JAMA & Archives logins will be able to use them to access everything on the AMNews site. In the meantime you will need to use a temporary login. Call 800-621-8335 and have your customer number ready. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Will the temporary login work at JAMA & Archives?  No. It will be for AMNews only, and will expire once the permanent logins start working.

What about institutions?  AMNews now offers site licenses for institutions. For details, see Institutional subscribers to the print edition can call the AMA Unified Service Center at 800-621-8335 for a temporary login to access site content.

I have problems or questions about logging on.  Please see: AMNews access help.

What else can I do to continue to have online access?  U.S. physicians and medical students can join the American Medical Association. Other individuals and organizations can purchase a subscription -- which includes both the print edition and Web access. Read more:

  • Join the AMA: Get involved. Stay informed. More information.
  • Subscribe: Get American Medical News delivered to your home, practice or institution. More information.

What provisions are there for credentialed news media?
We have set up a mechanism for credentials verification. Journalists can apply for access to by submitting this application. Medical practices, health plans and other businesses without a journalistic component are not eligible for media access.

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