Practice Management



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Collaboration can save medical practices time, money and effort

Physicians can share front office staff and an electronic health record system. However, they need to prove integration efforts are legal to avoid antitrust violations. Read story

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Picking your best option for patient interpretation services

Doctors must provide interpreters by law, but without support from insurers or the government, choosing the best setup may depend on the practice's patient mix. Read story

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Claims analysis shows doctors the way to fight insurer denials

Dealing with fewer appeals gives physicians more time to concentrate on their patients and other areas of practice. Read story

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Medical practices must plan for doctor departures

With physician turnover expected to increase even further, it’s important for groups to have contingencies in place if someone leaves. Read story

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How to help medical practice staff avoid burnout

To combat stress in the office, physicians and employees can talk about the problems they face and build teamwork. Read story

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What doctors should look for in job seekers’ social media presence

Medical practices can get information on potential employees from Facebook or Twitter, but they should know what to watch for and what’s off-limits. Read story

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Many medical practices not ADA accessible despite incentives

Tax credits and other options are available to help physicians cover the expense of making their offices able to accommodate patients with disabilities. Read story

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If patients are no-shows, doctors should ask why

Here are some positive steps physicians can take to ensure that these patients show up for their next appointments. Read story

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