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Retail clinic convenience charms new audience: parents

Having a long-standing relationship with a physician doesn't mean parents will take their children to the doctor's office. Read story

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Study pinpoints primary care physician shortages

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States get creative to meet Medicaid specialty care shortfall

Health care partnerships are making headway in improving patient access to specialists through telehealth and other innovations. Read story

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2014 predicted to mark faster decline in primary care access

A Senate committee discusses which strategies are seeing results in building a work force that can handle ACA coverage expansions. Read story

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Primary care access a key to health disparities among counties

An annual ranking of counties based on health status found that gaps between the healthiest and unhealthiest regions of states are wide — and getting wider. Read story

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Race and medicine: the struggle to improve care for African-Americans

Connected coverage — selected articles on trends, challenges and controversies in the changing world of medicine. Read story

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Black men increasingly hard to find in medical schools

A dwindling share of students pursuing physician careers are African-American men. Experts warn that the trend could exacerbate racial health disparities and doctor shortages. Read story

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How big will the Medicaid “woodwork” population be?

The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured recently projected that millions will sign up starting in 2014 even though they are eligible now. Read story

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