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Landmark medical liability cap survives court challenge

California and Mississippi doctors win liability reform court victories, while Oklahoma physicians see their provisions defeated. Read story

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Medicine scores several U.S. Supreme Court wins

Physician organizations came out winners on stances in more than a half-dozen high court cases covering a range of issues during the just-finished term. Read story

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An unwarranted antitrust risk for state medical boards

A federal appeals court has charted a path that could lead to the impediment of regulatory boards to oversee patient health and safety. Read story

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Genes safe from patents, but industry finds hope in ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court rejects patents on naturally occurring genes but preserves market protections for certain synthetic sequences or applications of genetic material. Read story

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High court defines when physicians can unite against insurers

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled class arbitration can be utilized for doctors' payment disputes with an insurer when the contract is silent on the issue. Read story

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Payout limits upheld for birth-related brain injuries

In a separate case, Florida physicians are awaiting the state Supreme Court’s ruling on noneconomic damages awarded in medical liability lawsuits. Read story

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Ruling jeopardizes authority of state medical boards

The AMA and others in organized medicine are concerned that a decision against a dental board will mean unfair antitrust scrutiny for regulatory agencies. Read story

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Qualifications of medical expert witnesses come under fire

Recent rulings have addressed requirements for experts who testify against physicians. The central issue: Should witnesses and defendants have the same or similar medical specialty? Read story

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