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Bill to empower nurse practitioners divides professional organizations

California legislators look to nonphysicians to address primary care gaps in the state, but physician organizations and others oppose the proposed solution. Read story

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Policing medical practice employees after work

Doctors can try to regulate staff actions outside the office, but they must watch what they try to stamp out and how they do it. Read story

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Court bars collecting fees beyond Medicaid pay

The ruling says health care professionals in Louisiana can’t recoup from Medicaid patients any money from third-party settlements. Read story

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Doctor-assisted suicide laws pose hospice care dilemmas

Should hospice's role in end-of-life care extend to helping patients who want physician-aided death? Read story

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Judge puts hold on strictest abortion law to date

Physicians performing abortions in North Dakota would face criminal penalties if they violated the law, which in effect would bar abortions after six weeks. Read story

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Vaccine opt-outs higher in states where exemptions are easier

Three states have added educational requirements to their childhood immunization laws since 2011. That approach could bring public health benefits, researchers say. Read story

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Landmark medical liability cap survives court challenge

California and Mississippi doctors win liability reform court victories, while Oklahoma physicians see their provisions defeated. Read story

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Electronic prescription monitoring struggles to gain traction

One state provides a case study into the complications involved with such a database. Read story

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