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CMS mulls how to unseal Medicare doctor pay data

The agency offers 30 days for comment about the potential public release of how much Medicare pays individual doctors. Read story

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Groundwork laid for lawsuits over deaths from tainted steroids

A judge declared a Massachusetts drug compounding facility whose products were linked to meningitis deaths as insolvent, potentially allowing third-party suits against physicians and others. Read story

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EHR transition causes its own headaches

Technology contracts often favor the vendor. Medical practices should negotiate the most agreeable terms possible, especially regarding termination, to make for a clean break. Read story

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Tort reform challenge threatens medical liability premiums

An appellate court examines the New Mexico law’s constitutionality and its $600,000 damages cap, but physicians are fighting back, fearing changes will drive up costs. Read story

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5 reasons to fire your attorney

Positive physician and lawyer relations are key to a successful case resolution. But when does an attorney's behavior cross the line? Read story

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Unwanted price to hospitalists’ growth -- more liability suits

Trends are being sorted out as claims of misdiagnosis and other legal challenges increase, and recordkeeping improves, in a fast-growing specialty. Read story

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Doctors strike back at EHR vendor with class-action suit

Physicians say Allscripts misled them about a software program's functionality and quality. The case could encourage more litigation as doctors become dissatisfied with systems. Read story

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Doctors troubled by FTC's role in scope-of-practice issues

They say the agency's comments to lawmakers go beyond its expertise and that clinical practice qualifications should be left to physicians and others. Read story

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